At Tidewater Timberframes, we've been building custom post and beam style houses using beautiful all wooden joinery on perfectly finished timbers with Douglas Fir, red and yellow Cedar, Hemlock Amabilis FIr, Yew Wood and Spruce.

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Let us give you a quick explanation as to what makes Timberframing so unique.


Galloways timberframe glue - Tidewater Timberframes, Ucluelet, BC, Canada


A timber-frame is a post and beam style house frame built to expose the beauty of the homes wooden superstructure. No nails are used between beams, no bolts or metal supports of any kind disrupt the flow . The frame is test-fitted in our wood shop, then transported to the building site, where, with much anticipated excitement, is raised into place.



Timberframe being raised into place - Tidewater Timberframes, Ucluelet, BC, Canada


The superstructure of the building, be it house, cabin or mere garden entrance, is a west coast work of art . A lot of the beauty of large beam style construction is the sight of it working smoothly together, interlocking in an apparently effortless, seamless flow.



 To achieve a high level of quality, Tidewater Timberframes works with the architect or contractor to arrive at a result that emphasizes the aesthetic and structural strengths of the design, keeping in mind the particular conditions that building on the West Coast of Vancouver Island entails. After the frame has been raised, an enclosure system is installed around the outside of the structure, (an enclosure is the walls, roof, doors, windows and so forth). By building with this method the timber frame is surrounded by a wall of protection, which, again, is integral in our west coast climate.


At Tidewater Timberframes we use joinery that has withstood the test of time. Timber-framed homes can be found in European communities stretching back to the late 1300s. These same beams stand today, free of rust-prone nails, screws or lattices. 

With modern techniques and specialized tools, we are able to cut beautiful frames to custom or using one of our many traditional patterns. It is no exaggeration to say that our craftsmen pride themselves on making each individual structure a work of art, capturing the beauty intrinsic in the wood itself.

Our philosophy hinges on the concept that in today's highly-paced manufactured lifestyle, our frames instill a sense of quality and care, of time spent with a craft we love.